charleston angel conference 2018

company application & Selection process

Below is a step by step breakdown of your experience as an applicant company

< < Only steps 1 and 2 require your immediate action > >



- We are no longer accepting applications for the 2018 conference, join us next year!

- You may update your company information, exec summary, and pitch deck at any point prior to Screening Day

- Sample Executive Summary

pay fee

- Pay the CAC18 application fee online

- If you register before August 1st the application fee is only $50, all applications submitted on or after August 1st must pay a $100 application fee

- Please do not forget to pay this fee, we will not review your company application form if we do not have your payment on file

pitch & Voting

- Twelve applicant companies will be selected to present on Screening Day

- Investors will cast votes for the three companies they think have the most potential

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Due diligence

- Three finalist companies will undergo due diligence

- Investors will convene and select one (or more) of the finalist companies to receive the investment(s)


selection Day

- The three finalist companies will have an opportunity to show off their business to the public on Selection Day prior to the winner(s) being announced



- The winner(s) will receive a large novelty check

- We'll give you a real check too!  (or wire transfer)