charleston angel conference 2019

company application & Selection process

Below is a step by step breakdown of your experience as an applicant company



- We are currently taking applications for companies raising capital to present at Charleston Angel Conference 2019!

- You’ll need an executive summary and pitch deck prior to Screening Day, September 24th

- 12 presenting companies will be selected to present to registered investors on Screening Day, September 24th

- 3 finalists will be selected by the registered investors on Sept 24th and due diligence will be performed in Oct. The 3 finalists will present to public on November 13th where the investment decision will be announced.

- Sample Executive Summary


- Please submit your information via the below form to have your company considered to be 1 of the 12 companies selected to present at Screening Day on Sept 24th.

- Applications close August 30th

- 12 presenting companies will be notified and announced Wednesday Sept 4th

pitch & Voting

- 12 presenting companies pitch deck and executive summary finalized and submitted Friday Sept 13th

- Registered investors in attendance will cast votes after seeing the presentations and some discussion on Selection Day, September 24th, and select 3 finalists to move forward with due diligence

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Due diligence

- 3 finalist companies will undergo due diligence in October

- Investors will convene and review the due diligence findings in early November


Demo Day

- The 3 finalist companies will have an opportunity to present their business to the public at Demo Day, November 13th, where the investment will be announced



- The winner(s) will receive a large novelty check

- We'll give you a real check too! (or wire transfer)