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Investor benefits

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Membership in the CAC19FUND, LLC, a single-purpose entity to act as the investment vehicle for the 2019 conference

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Participation in a cumulative investment into a local or regional startup

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Access to company profiles of all Charleston Angel Conference Applicants

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A printed booklet of executive summaries for the 12 presenting companies

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Attendance of Screening day which includes educational content and company presentations (includes complimentary lunch and happy hour)

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Attendance of Selection Day where 3 finalist companies will present their companies to the public for a chance to receive the final cumulative investment

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Low minimum investment commitment of $1500 makes this an easy way to start investing in the early stage private equity asset class

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Access to due diligence calls with finalist companies where investors are welcome to either participate and ask their questions, or to simply listen and learn

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Attendance of the final due diligence meeting and discussion where you can benefit from the experience of other more seasoned investors participating in the conference

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Right to cast your vote on Selection Day, November 6th, in favor of one of the finalist companies

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Still have lingering questions regarding our process or angel investing in general?