Registered Investors


Below are key stages for you to address as part of your participation in the Charleston Angel Conference

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Commitment Letter

Please fill out and sign the commitment letter.

This document outlines your commitment to participate in the CAC18FUND, LLC.  Please take the time to review the document, share it with your attorney, and please let us know if you have any questions about it.  Signing this document allows us to know if you plan to invest as an individual or through an entity as well as the amount you plan to invest.  The minimum is $1,500 but you may increase that amount at a later date.


Operating Agreement

Once commitment letters are signed we request you review the CAC18FUND, LLC operating agreement in its entirety.  We ask that you please have this document electronically signed prior to Selection Day.

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PRivate Access

As a registered investor, you are afforded access to the Private portion of this website.  On this page you will find information on all applicants, finalist due diligence files, the ability to electronically sign the commitment letter and operating agreement, and other relevant information and announcements.


Diligence Calls

Diligence calls will be held on three separate dates, one for each finalist company.  These dates will be set after investor voting has taken place on Screening Day and will be distributed via email and a posting on the Private portion of this website.

dial In: 843.310.3440


Investment Voting

Registered investors who have executed the commitment letter and operating agreement will meet the morning of Selection Day.  During this meeting you will vote on which of the 3 finalist companies to make the investment(s) in.  For more details on voting procedures in the case of overwhelming interest in more than one finalist company, please contact James Joseph at

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Once the investment(s) have been announced on Selection Day we encourage you to join us for cocktails and hors' d'oeuvres to celebrate!